Design onboarding guide

Design onboarding

TimelineTasksMentor nameResources
Day 1
Complete administrative onboarding tasks. Meet the buddy. Meet the team
Respective design leads
Day 2
Onboard on to how design works at Obvious
Respective design leads
The product playbook (https://playbook.obvious.in/bcfbdea138864734be75c965d77236ea) Ask questions on the basis of, to any of the leads
Day 2
Onboard on to all the design tools we use, explore them
Respective design leads
Day 2
Go through previous/ ongoing work where access is available
Pragati Mehrotra
Day 3
Familarise with how the other half lives. Learn about and feel free to go over and ask questions to better understand engineering
Sanchita Agarwal
Day 3
Familiarise yourself with how the Comms team functions, how it impacts your life, and reach out to say hi to the team
Neerja Shah
Day 4
Explore the knowledge folder in the shared drive, and check out the books available in the virtual library
Vikalp Gupta/ Vishwanath P
Day 5
If you haven't yet or can use a re-read, Sprint is available to read. We run a lot of Sprints, which you know by now. This will work as a quick refresher
Day 6
Sign up with your obvious ID to the following softwares Google drive - Obvious Slack Float Figma RazorPay/Opfin Notion Pause

Product Sprint