Observing is a fantastic way to learn from another team. Across teams, it helps break silos, creates windows of visibility and increases collaboration.

Different teams at Obvious have developed their specialised best practices over time. Each of them is solving for unique problems in their particular domain.

Being an Observer gives you a chance to connect with colleagues in a different team, observe in an immersive way, and go back with rich takeaways.


It's simple. These are the steps:

  1. Identify the kind of activity and team that you'd like to observe.
  2. Co-ordinate with the team and set up a time to observe.
  3. Observe! (and have fun in the process.)
  4. Fill up this Reflection form, after.

What can I observe?

Some examples are: ideation sessions, user interviews, design critique meetings, client meetings. The possibilities are many.

Think what you are curious about and what you'd like to learn.

Sometimes, you can take the opportunity to spend some time with your colleagues and learn about a topic that you may know nothing about.