Learnings from previous sessions

  • Critic and Observer sessions are easy to participate in. They require minimum context setting, offer a fresh perspective and can be organised with short notice. Collaboration session requires deep context setting and long time commitment. They might be challenging for both parties to participate in. People are more inclined towards Critic and Observer sessions.
  • Critic session hosts should ideally spent sometime to prepare for context setting and defining the goals for the session.
  • Observer sessions are losely defined, and that's okay.
  • If an event is open to anyone, add everyone to the calendar invite. It helps to have them on our calendars.
  • Fitting into people's existing schedule, especially the hosts, makes it easier to conduct these sessions. Utilising ongoing client work makes it easy for people to host. Having org-wide dedicated time doesn't necessarily fit into people's schedule or even working hours.
  • Sharing learnings from these sessions publicly can create a buzz and increase interest. This also gives recognition to your peers.