Full and Final Settlement Letter

Date: 31st March, 2020

To: Employee Name, Full Address.


Further to your resignation dated $DATE & its acceptance we have worked out your full & final payment dues as given below.


March 2020


(Net TDS)


Travel Expenses


The amount due to you was credited to your bank account number $ACCOUNT with $BANK on 1st March, 2020.

For Obvious Ventures Private Limited,

Authorized Signatory



I, $EMPLOYEE, have received $AMOUNT ($AMOUNT_IN_WORDS) towards Full and Final Settlement of all my dues including professional charges and/or other claim in relation with my contract with Obvious Ventures Private Limited. There are no dues to me from Obvious Ventures Private Limited (“Company”) and hence will not have any claim in the future. I discharge the Company from, all and any past, present and future disputes, controversies, actions, causes of action, claims, obligations, demands, rights, damages, costs, expenses, compensation or liabilities of any kind or nature whatsoever.

Employee Name




31 March, 2020

Bengaluru, Karnataka