Evolving guidelines for remote work

As conditions change for how we work remotely, guidelines will evolve to make sure everyone is kept as comfortable as possible, while simultaneously ensuring standard practices across the organisation

Moving geographies

Many of us have families in other cities and might want to move to be closer to them so as to give and receive support, as the pandemic runs its course across the country.

People can move out of Bangalore with the awareness that till 30th September, we will continue to be remote. While we will take a decision by mid-September on what happens after that, anyone working in locations other than Bangalore have the freedom to stay put and function from there till December 31st.

The communication process on move out of Bangalore

Any employee looking to move out of Bangalore needs to keep their manager and People Ops informed 5 working days in advance. This helps us plan better and make sure that the move is smooth for the person and for the team members. It also helps us be aware of quarantine protocol to the place they are moving to, their availability during that time, and so on.

They will keep everyone informed by way of a quick announcement at the townhall, just before heading out. Presumably, their teams will know beforehand.

Office hardware while moving geographies

All hardware except the laptop issued to the person needs to be sent to the office prior to the move. They need to coordinate this with the office management folk and get the hardware delivered to the office before their travel date.

One-time WFH fund

For people who'd like help in putting together a stronger infrastructure - a better router, perhaps - there is a one-time fund of Rs. 10,000 to be availed.

This can be used by people in other locations to buy hardware as well.

For people in Bangalore: Hardware shifted to home offices

At the moment, over 70% of the people working remotely and in Bangalore have requested for hardware ranging from monitors to standing desks and chairs to be delivered home, so that they can function as they did at the office.