Our Hiring Philosophy

At Obvious, we are always looking to connect with interesting people who are not only very good at what they do, but also very passionate about it.

We take an active interest in growing and contributing to design and engineering communities in India. Our team members speak at events all over the world; we host mini-events at office (which are currently remote) to promote diversity in the design and engineering communities; and we help new designers and engineers with career tips and portfolio reviews.

While extending an opportunity to someone to work together with us, we look for three critical factors, which are derived from our core values:

1. Commitment to craft

Commitment to craft is about taking a sense of ownership and pride in your work, to really care about everything you do. It also means valuing craft over self. Good craftspeople rise above differences with other craftspeople around them and appreciate others solely on their craft.

2. Value-fit

We believe that hiring for "culture fit" leads to a homogeneous team. On the contrary, we believe in diversity. While looking at a potential team member, we look how our values are aligned, and not for a sameness of cultural background or experience. When people with same values work together, diversity is actually an enabler.

3. Openness and transparency

Openness and transparency helps in building a productive workplace. Humble people who communicate their thought process openly and give/receive feedback in a helpful manner increase the overall quality of work output, as well as help in building trust and mutual respect among coworkers. This openness and transparency extends beyond the workplace - to our clients and to the people whom we are finally designing for.

If this is aligned with your idea of an ideal workplace, please read about our key employment policies, and look at our open job roles.

The Hiring process