Your First Day

First of all, welcome!

It can take time to understand a new culture and environment and we sometimes take things for granted, especially when a group of us have been here for many years. Probably the most important piece of advice for any new Obi-wan ​is to ask questions if you’re unclear about anything. We’re new to any type of formal onboarding, and we’ll try to make up for our lack of procedure by fielding any questions. Just ask Rahul, or Jaya, or someone else who looks like they know what they’re talking about.

Our office is a wide open, sunlit space that occupies the entire second floor in a building on Bangalore's central thoroughfare, Residency Road.

In your first couple days with us we’ll get you set up with everything you need, introduce you to your colleagues, and update you on our culture, clients, and ways of working and communicating. We have a good health plan, a technology budget, and other benefits you should know about. There will also be documents to sign, accounts to set up, and people to meet.