Who Does What

Figuring out who to bring a particular issue or question to shouldn’t be a guessing game. Most concerns fall pretty clearly within the responsibility of a specific team at Obvious, and the head of that team should be the first point of contact. At the same time, every single person who works at Obvious is approachable and friendly, more than willing to point you in the right direction. If you have a question, you're probably not the first, so speak up!

Below you'll find a list of the major groups and teams within the company. They're listed in alphabetical order by group name first and then, when relevant, by team. Inside groups/teams, people are listed in alphabetical order by last name, and the most senior people in a group/team are shown in bold.

Groups/Areas of Responsibility


Jayapriya M is our Admin Manager. She manages the day-to-day operations of the company, makes sure that our office runs like clockwork, that we get fed and that our bills get paid on time.


Padmini Ray Murray runs our Communications Team. She is responsible for ensuring that everyone outside (and inside) Obvious knows what we are up to.

Anand Rama Krishna is our in-house filmmaker and photographer, and makes sure that both we and our work look great!


  • Akshay Verma

  • Chippy Robin

  • Manivarma

  • Pragati Mehrotra

  • Prajakta Digamber

  • Sarun Ramachandran

  • Subhankar Das

  • Tanushree Jindal

  • Varenya Raj

  • Vikalp Gupta



  • Ragunath Jawahar

  • Rakshak Hegde

  • Sanchita Agarwal

  • Vinay Shenoy


  • Meet Bhatt

  • Tanvi Bhakta


  • Dhruv Saxena

  • Pratul Kalia

  • Rahul Gonsalves


We work with an outsourced CFO-as-a-service offered by Entrust Family Office. They take care of our bookkeeping, ensure that we are compliant with all applicable laws and provide high-level financial guidance. If you have a question about finance, start by emailing Jaya, and she will direct it appropriately.


Food Committee

  1. Rakshak

  2. Prajakta

Gardening Committee

  1. Chippy

Zero-Waste Committee

  1. Sarun

  2. Prajakta

  3. Tanvi

People Ops Committee

  1. Vikalp

  2. Sanchita

  3. Manivarma