Useful Links

We use a lot of software to manage our own organisation. Here's a laundry list of the different bits and bobs that are floating around, which might be useful to you.

🏖 Taking Time Off

Timetastic: Log in here to request time off.

See also: Paid Time Off.


Reimbursement Form: We use a custom Airtable sheet to log, track and process reimbursements. If you have incurred any expenses which should be paid back to you, please fill in this form.

See also: Getting Paid.

📔Borrow a Book

Obvious Library: you should be able to log in through Airtable and "check out" a book that you wish to borrow.

See also: The Obvious Library.


Google Calendar: Log in with your Obvious account to see everyone's availability, block off a meeting or just see what your own day looks like.

💬 Slack

The Obvious HQ: The majority of our communication happens inside Slack. Make sure that you follow the appropriate Slack-etiquette. As long as you have an Obvious Google Account, or you have been given guest-access, you will be able to log in.

See also: Communication and Transparency.