The Obvious HQ

Location & Directions

Obvious HQ Level 2, K-Raheja Paramount, 138, Residency Road, Bengaluru - 560025

You can reach us via the Richmond Circle bus stop, walk down from Brigade Road, or get off at the Cubbon Park Metro Station and cut through the calming pathways of Cubbon Park to get to our office.


If you must drive in, we have eight parking slots (4 on the surface, 2 in Basement 1 and 2 in Basement 2). We encourage the use of public transport, or bicycling to work (helmets and safety gear compulsory).

Entry and Exit Protocol

Everyone will get a PIN code to enter the office. Do not share this code with anyone, as it would give them access to our office.

The last person leaving the office must ensure that:

  • all the lights and air conditioning is turned off, including the ones in the washrooms

  • the coffee machine in the kitchen is turned off

  • doors and windows are closed—be especially careful about the doors to the balconies

  • however, don’t turn off anyone’s computer—they’re called personal computers for a reason!

If you’re the only person in the office, or if the area near the main door is unoccupied, please keep the main door locked.


The office is officially open Monday to Friday. We encourage you to take weekends off from work. If you do use the office over the weekend, please note that you should be extra careful about keeping the premises secure and the space clean.

Use the office as you please—just ensure that you follow the Entry and Exit protocol. Most people leave by 6pm, but should you need to pull an all-nighter, feel free.


We have a printer-scanner-copier-fax machine: an HP Colour Laserjet. It’s a duplex printer, so try and save paper by printing on both sides wherever you can.

Adding the printer

Mac OS X: Go to System Preferences → Printers and Scanners. Click on the ‘Add Printer’ button and an entry titled ‘HP Color LaserJet MFP’ should show up. Click ‘Add’, and you’re all done! Drivers: The HP website has a comprehensive support section. Please do go through it before asking for help.


For the purpose of these House Rules, “Supplies” shall mean any object, article, item, artefact, goods, commodity, doodah, doobry, gubbins, that is consumed, destroyed, depleted, demolished, wiped out, ingested, swallowed, gobbled during the normal course of a work day and requires regular replenishment to maintain a sustainable working environment including, without limitation, all toiletries, all stationery, all packaged food and beverages.

  • Rule 1: Everything belongs to everyone.

    Of course you can bring in your lunch boxes — just make sure it looks unmistakably personal.

  • Rule 2: Report anything that’s about to run out.

    The moment you open the last box of tissue, the last jar of Nutella or find that only a few serving of a particular flavour/variety of a product is left — shout out on Slack. Ensure that you’re unambiguous while adding the item i.e. mention the brand name, name the flavour/variety, etc. Typically we do a massive round of shopping once-a-month, but many things are ordered on the fly or picked up on the passing. Whenever items are replenished we report it back on Slack. Exceptions to this schedule are perishables like bread, curd, etc. They are generally purchased while walking into office every other day.

  • Rule 3: Suggest products that we don’t stock already. Suggestions also go on Slack. You could expedite the purchase by sharing exactly where to buy it from (preferably online).


We stock basic office stationery, in one of the various cupboards. A list of what we usually have available is below. For more stationery, ask Jaya to purchase it.

  • White Board Markers

  • White Board Cleaner

  • Tape

  • Staplers

  • Spare pens, pencils

  • A4 Sheets

  • Envelopes

  • Post-Its

  • Scissors

The Kitchenette

Feel free to make yourself a coffee using the coffee machine. Basic utensils and cutlery is available; if you need anything else, let us know.

Food Stock

Everything about supplies apply to the food stock as well. Apart from those, all milk products, cold cuts and perishables go in the fridge. Before opening any fresh pack (of juice, biscuits, namkeen, etc.), do ensure that there isn’t already an open pack lying around. Use the containers on kitchen shelf to store the contents — preferably pour the contents into the container rather than shoving in the packet itself.


If you leave food in the fridge and plan to consume it the next day, please cover it with clingwrap and ensure that it doesn’t stay in the fridge for long.

During the summer, ensure that we always have cold water and ice in the fridge. If you take out a bottle, please replace it with a filled one, or if you notice that the ice trays are empty, do refill them.


A maid comes in every day to clean the office. We do our own dishes. The maid shouldn’t be expected to do our dishes, even though she is kind enough to clean the the utensils that are left in the sink overnight. Leaving behind utensils in the sink is discouraged—do it only if you must.

If you use utensils to prepare food, say Maggi or a sandwich, please don’t leave dirty plates or cutlery on the kitchen platform. Drop them in the sink while you enjoy the food, and wash them soon. Utensils that are used repeatedly through the day should typically not be left behind in an unclean state because someone else might want to use it right after you.

Segregation and Composting

Food, and other types of wet waste should go in the mini-compost bin located near the sink. If the box is full, empty it into the large compost bin outside the office.

Paper, plastic, metal and glass should all be sorted into the Sorting Hat Station next to the kitchen. When in doubt, ask for help.


You can occasionally bring in your guests to work from the office for a day or two. Just ensure that seats are available on the day, and drop in a message on Slack that someone will be tagging along with you. The house rules apply equally to guests, so if you’re inviting them please brief them.

Note: Guests will not have access to Slack, lockers and the main door keys. It is expected that you’ll be around with your guest.

In General

  • Respect co-workers. Everyone is doing serious work. Avoid shouting across the tables (use Slack instead). If you're having conversations, head to the dining area or the main lounge/living.

  • Leave the place cleaner than when you got in. At the very least, clean your own mess.

  • Energy consciousness. Switch off electrical gadgets, lights and fans that are not in use.

  • Use a room or balcony for long (or loud) phone/conference calls.

  • We suggest using the lockers to keep things that you wouldn’t like others to use.

  • No smoking indoors.

  • Don’t waste food or paper. Please.

In principle, we believe in “Minimum house rules, maximum common sense”. However, as the saying goes, common sense is not so common — which is why some of the above rules got created.

For further help, clarifications or anything else, tap your neighbour on her shoulder and ask for help.