Getting Paid

We make all staff payments on the 2nd or 3rd working day of a month. Additionally, we have another payment cycle around the 15th of the month, for any vendor payments and/or reimbursements.

We deduct and submit taxes (TDS) on your behalf to the government towards your income tax. When you are hired we will get you set up on our banking system - please make sure you go through the finance checklist which you should get about 15 days before your first day.

If you purchase things on behalf of the company, we reimburse you those expenses as a part of the pay cycle. Submit your receipts for reimbursement to our finance team and they will be included on an upcoming pay cycle.

Payment Documents Required

  • Proof of Identity

  • Proof of Residence/Address

  • Permanent Account Number

  • Your Bank Account Details

    • Name on your bank account

    • Account number

    • IFSC code

  • Supporting documents for anything that you've mentioned in your resume