Confidentiality and Privacy

WIP: Currently not representative of our policies.

In general, Obvious is an extremely open company. Part of our mission is to transfer as much of our knowledge, intellectual property and work product to the public as we can, because we feel like that's better for the world. Examples of things that we explicitly make public:

  • Our source code

  • Our user interface designs.

  • Our product planning boards.

  • How we run our comapny

Even with our commitment to openness, we don't make everything public. For example:

  • Finances: We don't publish our bank account numbers or credit card info, details of every transaction we make, nor details of contracts with partners.

  • Regulatory: There are tests related to system security that we keep secret. And passwords used to log in to test accounts that we keep secret.

  • Product planning: We keep security issue planning private. We keep some internal planning documents private.

  • Meeting notes: We take copious meeting notes that we keep private, for both internal and external meetings.

  • Hiring: Information about interview candidates, including notes taken during the interview process, we keep private.

It may not always be obvious what is and is not confidential. If you are ever unsure, it's always best to assume that it is confidential and ask the Chief Privacy Officer (currently Rahul).


Is it OK for me to keep copies of everything I've worked on and take it with me when I leave?

In general, if we already make it public, then you get the same rights that everyone else in the public gets.

In general, other stuff that isn't explicitly made made public should be considered confidential. You should not make personal copies of this stuff or send it to parties outside of Obvious without checking with the Chief Privacy Officer (currently Rahul) first.

What if there's something that isn't currently public that I think should be made public?

If there is something else that you think we should be making public that we currently aren't making public, feel free to talk to the Chief Privacy Officer (currently Rahul) about it!

Who owns the intellectual property (IP) of the stuff I've worked on?

In general, our registered entity "Obvious Ventures Private Limited" owns the intellectual property of stuff you work on. That's pretty important, because it's what allows Obvious to assert copyright and place a license on the work. You assigned the IP for your work to Obvious as part of your employee agreement or your consulting agreement.

How do I know if something is public?

For source code, if it's in a public repo, it's public. If it's in a private repo, it's private (and there's probably a good reason to keep it that way).

What should I do if I find something that we've made public that I think should be private?

Let the Chief Privacy Office (currently Rahul) know right away.