Parental Leave

When you welcome a new child (birthed or adopted), Obvious encourages all full-time employees, regardless of gender or sexual identity to take up to 26 weeks of leave for new mothers and up to 8 weeks leave as a father at 100% paid salary. For fathers who would like to spend a little more time with their children, you can also opt to take 12 weeks of paternity leave at 75% of your regular salary.

Employees should give the rest of the team as much notice as possible before they take new parent leave, though there is no requirement for how far in advance the notification needs to be given. Parenthood can be unexpected and sensitive, but the more that a team can anticipate the absence, the easier it will be to handle.


  1. Ideally, we should not distinguish between parents, and strive to give both sets of parents the same amount of time off. We will reach there hopefully soon in the future, once we meet certain financial and organisational stability goals.
  2. You can also spread this time off over the first year — just follow our guidelines on communicating your time off.

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