Insurance and Healthcare

Group Health Insurance

This policy covers hospital expenses related illness, disease or injury. Your spouse and up to two children are covered as well.

Coverage includes:

  • Hospitalization benefits with a “Family Floater” maximum of INR 500,000 for the entire family
  • Maternity-related hospitalization expenses of up to INR 50,000 (counted toward your total benefit of INR 500,000)

Preparedness on using medical insurance:

  • You will receive a medical insurance e-card from our operations team within 2-3 weeks of joining as a full-time employee
  • Check to ensure that your name and address match at least one of your government approved IDs. In case not, raise it with the operations team and get the e-card details changed immediately. This is essential to make sure that if needed, insurance payout does happen.

Claiming insurance in case of hospitalisation:

  • In most cities and hospitals, cashless benefits are provided to people with a company provided group medical insurance. Your first move should be to apply for a cashless claim. This means that the hospital claims the permitted amount from the insurance folks directly. Only if there are aspects of treatment not covered, you need to pay for those.
  • Give your e-card and government ID card to the hospital authorities (they have a claims department that would reach out to you for this during admission). They will take about 4 hours and get you an initial approval for about 30-40% of the expected overall treatment. They will also let you know what the hospital's corresponding policies are regarding hospital admission, treatment, stay arrangements etc.
  • Post treatment, on the day of scheduled discharge, the hospital will make a final bill, send it to the insurance folk, get the remaining amount. If there is a difference/ if there are elements of treatment not covered by insurance for whatever reason, they will bring the unpaid amount of the invoice to you.

Contact points:

  • Our medical insurance partners are InsuMust. Their contact details are: are Nadhiya (+917204000620)/ Hemalatha ( +919036611711) & their office line is 080-41285224. For any Covid-19 related claims or hospitalisation, reach out to Shankar from Insumust (+91884433555)

We encourage people who are leaving us to talk to the insurance folk and continue their coverage, because there is value in keeping a policy live, that used to be a group policy, taken when they were younger, even if only marginally. In addition to continued coverage, it also ensures lower annual premium.

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