We have not come to a consensus around how to run our Sabbatical program, and do NOT currently have one. This document remains here as a starting point for our conversations, and to document our latest thinking.

After every 3 years of working at Obvious, full-time employees are eligible to take four weeks of paid sabbatical.

During this sabbatical, you should work on passion projects - something outside the scope of your normal work that is interesting and exciting to you. This could be researching a topic of interest, volunteering for another nonprofit, or something else altogether.

The sabbatical should be a time of self-improvement and exploration with a central activity or theme. At the end of the sabbatical, you should put together a presentation about your sabbatical and present it to the team.

The sabbatical is meant to help further our core value of improvement by letting the employees explore and learn about another area of interest. It may also help some employees avoid burnout from working on one thing for too long.

To make sure that sabbatical is not overly disruptive to the team, you should plan the time for your sabbatical well in advance.