Speaking at Conferences

One of the key mechanisms that we've identified as being key to broadcasting the work that we do to the wider world is to speak at top-tier conferences around the world. Presenting a high-quality talk is an excellent way of either deepening your own understanding of a topic or jumping into a new area of expertise, becoming a better articulator and orator as well as being an excellent vehicle for career growth. We encourage everyone to try and present at conferences — to formalise some of the practices that we have followed till now, here are some tips on

  1. How to select conferences
  2. What support can Obvious provide
  3. A small collection of resources on how to choose a topic for your talk, prepare for it and present.

How to select a conference

In the remote-first world that we live in, conferences are primarily virtual. That doesn't take away from the potency of getting the good word about our work and practices.

Work with your colleagues to shortlist high impact conferences around the world. Choose conferences have featured speakers whom you've personally admired, talks that have changed the way you have worked etc. A good event or conference usually has the following features:

  • cares about its attendees and speakers
  • has got a Code of Conduct and is prepared to enforce it (here's a good example)
  • is accessible and inclusive
  • deeply cares about and works on diversity in its speaker lineup and attendees
  • cares about creating a good environment in which people can learn
  • It also should be an event that I can somehow relate to in terms of my work or interests
  • And, of course, the talk topic should fit the event as well.

What we provide

This is relevant for a time when conferences are back to being in the physical world, and could require that people travel for it.

  • Cover up to $100/day for your expenses during the conference. If it's a one-day event, we'll cover $100, two days, $200 and so forth.
    • Note that this will be capped at $500 - so if you choose to attend all ten days of SXSW, be prepared to skip a few meals.
    • To qualify for the expense reimbursement, you will have to do two things:
      • Present the talk that you are going to give to a local audience which includes your entire team before you leave and refine it based on feedback that you will get
      • Publish a high-quality post on the subject of your presentation/talk on our blog within two weeks of returning to work.
  • We believe that conferences should pay for the basics (travel/accommodation/conference tickets), but in the unlikely event that the conference organisers do not cover your these expenses and your manager determine that this is a worthwhile/high-impact conference to attend, Obvious will try to cover a part of those expenses.
  • If a conference gives out a speaker honorarium (usually $150-$500), that's yours to keep! Consider it a reward for the many nights that you've undoubtedly spent putting together your conference talk, reviewing it with colleagues, friends, designing your slides and practicing your talk.
  • Unless it falls foul of conference guidelines, make sure you take some Obvious swag to give out — use it to make some new friends!

Useful Resources

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