Before the sprint

Just like any intense exercise, the sprint also requires some warm-up before starting. We recommend doing the following before the sprint:


Share information

Before we choose the right problems and start hunting for exciting solutions, it’s important that the team understands the problem space, the competition that exists within that space and the customers for whom we want to find solutions.

Recruit a team

Solving the right problems needs the right set of people in the right roles. A team of 6-8 people with clearly defined roles and responsibilities can make a huge difference to the outcome of the sprint.

Recruit users

It’s best to be prepared with a list of users who can participate in the user study on the final day of the sprint.

Supplies and space

To make a mentally taxing exercise like the sprint enjoyable, it’s a good idea to invest some time in procuring the right space and materials for it. Try to get a large room with plenty of natural light and space for white-boarding. Get lots of whiteboard markers, post-its, papers, sharpies, sketch pens, masking tape etc.