Charitable Giving


We're always looking for ways to give back to the community — its one of our core values. We've made contributions as an organisation through our former donation matching programme, and have been paying it forward in some way or the other. But what we really want to do in 2021 (and the years to come) is to formally ingrain this into our culture.

Here's presenting Give.Obvious, our charitable giving programme through which we give back consistently, meaningfully, and collaboratively.

Through this programme, the organisation donates INR 25,000 from an earmarked fund to one charity or cause each month. These causes are handpicked by us in small groups, so we're each able to support the initiatives, principles and beliefs that matter to us the most.

Since we all have causes close to us—and as diverse as we are—this is the 'obvious' way to expand our circle of influence and encourage change across geographies, domains and initiatives. This way, we're able to step back as problem solvers, and step forth as enablers.

We are excited for you to delve deep into what matters to you and nominate one organisation, charity or cause that you would love to see Obvious support.

There's no big strategy or set of goals, but, to gently set the ball rolling:

How it works

  • By 1st of the month: The volunteer team reaches out to that month's group
  • From 1st to 10th: The group members discuss what causes and charities they want to support
  • By the 10th: the group nominates one cause, organisation or charity
  • By 11th or 12th: The vetting team (comprising of the heads at Team Obvious) ensure the nomination is good to go on all grounds including value-fit, conflict of interest and lets the group know
  • In the following days: The group reaches out to the nominated cause or charity, and understands the best way to make the INR 25k donation
  • This information is given to Jaya/our finance team, who will coordinate with the group to make the donation and provide info on what documents the cause/charity needs to provide
  • By the 25th: The donation is made and details are added to this page
NOTES: Internal announcements go out through the Friday newsletters to keep Team Obvious in the know. After the donation, Team Obvious takes to external platforms to announce it and hopefully inspire more follow-up donations from peers, through: - Overheard at Obvious edition for that month - Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn - Personal social media accounts (the more the merrier!)

Frequently Asked Questions

What organisations qualify as nominations? Are individuals and fundraisers acceptable?

Groups can explore fundraisers (individual or via popular platforms like Ketto), causes, charities and organisations to donate to, and the vetting team will conduct a 'sanity check' and flag off any issues that may arise.

Is there a format for proposing a charity/cause and making a nomination?

There's no format. Groups can indulge in free-flowing discussions on Slack or on Zoom to brainstorm on potential nominations.

Who do we reach out to once we have chosen a nomination?

Once you've made a nomination, please let Sindhu or Kanika know (along with details of the nomination). They'll take it to the vetting team who'll approve the nomination after a brief check.

What documentation do we need from the organisation?

We should prefer orgs/websites which can give a “80G” certificate, otherwise we cannot claim the donation amount as tax-deductible. But we can be flexible about this, so please send in your nomination anyway.

What if the cause I choose can't supply an 80G certificate?

If you have your heart set on one cause but can’t give us an 80G certificate, you can still nominate it (maybe with a back-up to be on the safe side). The vetting team will then conduct a check and make a call on a case-by-case basis.

Do the organisations need to be registered in India?

Not necessarily, but do bear in mind that the logistics might take longer to figure out if they're based in another country.

Who is our point of contact regarding questions for this initiative?

Please reach out to Kanika or Sindhu for answers, or flag it on the dedicated Give.Obvious channel.

Can I prepare in advance for the month my group gets?

Yes, you can! The group members are listed below, against the month assigned.

What are some of the organisations we have donated to in the past?

Take a look at the table below for all the donations we've made over time, through the donation matching programme as well as Give.Obvious.

Groups and Donation Calendar


NamesMonthChoice of OrganisationStatus
Hidden Pockets
People for Animals, Bangalore
Selection Underway

List of Previous Donations

Y​earO​rganisation/CausePurposeA​mount (₹)
S​upport women speakers at conferences with travel stipends
I​nternet Freedom Foundation
We committed to a donation-matching drive for the IFF.
K​erala Flood Relief
Matched employee donations towards the Kerala floods of 2018
Kodagu Flood Relief
M​atched employee donations towards the Kodagu Flood Relief

Finding a House