Publication Guidelines

Our processes for content publication and promotion.

Our publication guidelines outline the rough process of producing written content for Obvious, from submitting the first draft to sharing published content on personal websites and social media.

The publication process

Although not set in stone, this is a general overview of the publication process:

1. First draft approval Since a lot of the material produced is specialised in nature, we get our team leads to sign off on the first draft before sending it to the communications team.

2. Editing Depending on the nature of the article, the content might have to go through two or more editing rounds - specialist or stylistic.

3. Publication timelines While the timelines will vary on a case to case basis, we usually account for a two-week window for any edits and revisions from either end and depending on the content already present in the pipeline.

4. Promotions Once published, the content will be amplified on all social media channels and newsletters.


We absolutely love your content and want it to shine.

Once we've published it on the Obvious website and/or other platforms, please feel free to add a link to it on your personal website and social media– much like how Simple's Daniel Burka links his external writing to his personal website.