Sample PIP Letter

Day, Month Year

FirstName LastName,

In reviewing your work related to [project or assignment] over the last [period of time], I find the progress made so far to be unsatisfactory. [Insert concise description of expectations and current deficiencies in work. Site examples with links to their work, Issues, OKRs that do not meet expectations or links to the handbook where processes are defined.]:

  • Link to handbook or example of unsatisfactory work

  • Link or example of unsatisfactory work

Obvious values you as a team member, therefore, it is the company’s intent to make you fully aware of this situation and to assist you in improving your performance. However, it is important that you recognize the responsibility to improve is yours alone.

In order for Obvious to continue our investment in your work, you are being placed on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) for the next 30 days, from [Day, Month Year] to [Day, Month Year]. While on this plan, you must demonstrate immediate improvements in the following areas:

  • Specific improvement expected w/metrics if applicable

  • Specific improvement expected w/metrics if applicable

You must make significant progress towards the following items:

  • List project work or specific assignment

  • List project work or specific assignment

We expect that [provide details of actions required most immediately] should be completed within the first 2 weeks of this plan. We also expect that you [provide an overall goal for improved and sustained performance] by the end of this performance improvement plan.

You are encouraged to review all available resources and ask for assistance as needed to successfully complete the requirements of this plan.

I will review progress on each of the above items with you each week. I trust that through this collaborative effort you can meet the expectations of the plan and accelerate your performance. Improvement must occur immediately and must be sustained. A decrease in your performance after successfully completing this PIP may result in your termination without the issuance of an additional warning.

I am available to discuss any concerns or answer any questions you have regarding the plan.

This document will be also included in a follow up email to our discussion today. Please respond with a confirmation of your understanding of the expectations and consequences outlined in this performance improvement plan.

Manager Name Manager Title