Assessment Cycles

Assessing how each individual is doing is a formal process at Obvious, starting with creating an Individual Growth Plan, and running regular assessments using the Design and Engineering Growth Frameworks.

Assessment Cycle

We run formal assessments (using our growth frameworks as a basis) twice a year, once in February, and the next in August. Everyone at the company has to receive a completed assessment by the 1st of March, and the 1st of September respectively. If the assessment leads to a level change, then the impact of that level change (compensation etc) will take effect from the 1st of April or the 1st of October. The table below represents this information:




Assessment cycle starts

March 1

Everyone receives completed assessments

April 1

Level change comes into effect


Assessment cycle starts

September 1

Everyone receives completed assessments

October 1

Level change comes into effect

Level Changes

Level changes have several implications: both in terms of expectations, responsibilities and remuneration. Moving up, down or staying at the same level are all possible outcomes of the assessment process, and all are equally normal and expected. However, while staying at the same level or moving up come with increased responsibilities and expectations, moving down a level is usually a consequence of Underperformance, which is documented in detail here, along with steps to remedy it.