Continuing Education

It's important to Obvious that we support our employees’ efforts to learn, grow, and improve. These are some of the key benefits of working at Obvious, and are central to our company culture.

Learning Budget

Every full-time employee has a company budget to support any learning activity that they want to pursue related to the work they do at Obvious. This doesn’t need to be a class explicitly linked to their current role, but it should help them improve a skill that will be useful for them at Obvious.

Each employee has an annual budget of Rs. 50,000 which can be spent towards program fees/tuition, tickets, flights, and hotels for industry conferences, classes, mentorship programs, books, programs, videos, or other places that they feel will provide valuable learning experiences.

These expenses should be discussed and approved by their manager. This budget resets at the beginning of every year and does not roll over.

Emotional Well-Being