Good people to work with

One of the most fun parts of our job is that we get to meet people who are solving interesting, real problems in new markets on a regular basis. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing excitement go to idea to design to product and have participated in a small way in a few.

However, the chronic problem that we have in running a small, boutique studio, is the inability to take on all of the potential work that comes our way. At this point in time, we turn away about nine out of ten of the inquiries. We are typically booked out months in advance, which is frustrating for us, as we often get excited and energised about an idea or the people behind it, but aren’t able to match timelines. This is mostly because of the way in which we work: we dedicate large blocks of time (think several quarters) to each client who works with us.

Since good digital designers are in such short supply, it is doubly frustrating to see potentially strong product ideas shelved or worse still, mangled into oblivion by poor design and technology choices.

To partly address that gap after having had the privilege of working with a few exemplary designers and developers, we're creating this list to serve as a starting point for anyone seeking design assistance.

Branding & Graphic Design

Product Design

Mobile Development

Backend Development