Emotional Wellbeing

Wellbeing isn’t just about your physical health. It’s also about maintaining a healthy emotional balance so you have the resilience to take on life’s stressors and cope with any big changes.

We have partnered with KahaMind, an online counselling service which offers everyone at Obvious free sessions with trained counsellors.

One of the first options is to set up a 30-minute one-time conversation with someone at Kahamind, by writing to hello@kahamind.com or sending in a WhatsApp message at +91 7483183313.

Your sessions remain completely confidential between you and your doctor. Obvious will never ask either you or your doctor about what transpires during your sessions.

Enabling safe conversations on emotional well-being

We need a common language to be able to create safety for each other and to have conversations on emotional well-being. To do that, we've created a framework that includes the perspectives of someone wanting to talk about their emotional health, a peer learning to be supportive, and leaders to sensitively provide support and structure.

List of Mental Health Practitioners

How to Talk about Emotional Wellbeing

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