Design Hiring

Here is a short guide to the design hiring process if you're looking to apply for an open job role at Obvious.

Step 1: Assess your suitability for the role

Read the job description and evaluate if you are confident that your interest and your skills match what the role requires. While we have a robust campus intake — and in those instances, we do make sure that our incoming folk benefit from training, for most other roles in an organisation our size, we need people to come in with a significant percentage of skills sets already in place. This is primarily what we evaluate in the first round.

Also evaluate if the compensation mentioned is suitable. We do not negotiate in the later stage. Our compensation strategy is transparent within the organisation and the only way we can maintain that is by ensuring that folks coming in fit into our existing system.

Step 2: Apply and answer the questions

Answer the "Opinion Questions".

As a team, we're quite an opinionated bunch! It helps us listen to everyone, and we end up learning from each other's point of view. So, to know you better, we ask you to write down answers to some questions, such as:

  1. Tell us about your favourite piece of your own work. What do you love about it and why?
  2. What would make Obvious a great workplace for you?
  3. What would make Obvious a terrible workplace for you?
  4. What are the 3 most important design principles you truly hold dear? What are your favourite books on those principles and why?
  5. Tell us about the one project/ task that you want to showcase as the best example of the work you've done.
  6. Tell us about your top 3 reads (or talks) in recent times that helped make a difference to how you live and work.
  7. Who have been your biggest professional influences?

We're looking for clarity of thought and tight articulation. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. All of us have very different thoughts on them, shaped by our experiences, and we hope your answers will make for a riveting discussion.

Step 3: Get on a screening call

If your answers indicate that you and Obvious might be a good fit for each other, we’ll set up a screening call with you. It’ll be brief — half an hour, tops.

The screening call helps us understand your expectations, and how might we play a role in meeting them. This also offers you an opportunity to ask us any questions you may have!

Step 3 - Spend a day at Obvious

If the results of the screening call are positive, you’ll be invited to spend a Day virtually at Obvious. This will be split into 2 parts:

1. Present your work to the team

This step will include 3-5 designers from our team. We know that can seem like a lot, but we're curious and cannot be kept away from meeting new and interesting people! Another reason for this is, we like to get multiple opinions and eliminate biases and judgment errors.

You'll be asked to walk us through one project in about 20 minutes. In this process, we'll try asking you questions about your methods, ideas and decisions.

We're hoping that the interview feels like an ideation and feedback session so you have something to take away from it too.

2. Interviews with your future colleagues

Once you're done with the presentation, each interviewer will have a half an hour long conversation with you individually to get to know you better.

Here at Obvious, we're a diverse bunch. So you can expect these interviews to include conversations ranging from craft to people to board games.

At the end of your Day at Obvious, you will be evaluated on our design growth rubric by all of your interviewers.

And that’s it!

Once the entire hiring process is over, and if it looks like you and Obvious might be a good fit for each other, you will receive an offer letter from us within a week. If you don’t, we’ll be sure to leave you with some constructive feedback.

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