Employee Background Verification

All new folks coming into Obvious will need to go through a background verification process. Our hiring process is still agnostic to where you studied or worked before, so you could well be sharing data on previous employment/ education background directly with our background verification partners. All we get from them is a final report listing successful verification, and not details of either of these institutions or organisations.

Our partners for the background verification process are SpringVerify. That is who you will get emails and messages from.

The background verification system

The process asks for verification across five areas. We are listing the process they follow

  • Identity: Your PAN card is used to verify your identity.
  • Address: You do a self-verification of an address you can share from either an Aadhaar or a series of options they share. If you are not available at the address you have shared, a representative will be asked to complete the process on your behalf. This is a self-verification process and a field agent will not be sent to verify.
  • Education: You upload the education documents that you can back up with course completion certification/ marks cards. You can upload the latest education, which can be a class X/ equivalent/ class XII/ equivalent/ undergrad/ postgrad/ beyond
  • Employment: For your last two companies, you are needed to upload either your relieving letter/ experience certificate. If you are serving notice, the last 3 months’ payslip would do the job. A secondary verification will happen through calls and emails to your manager in that company and the HR person. If you are serving notice and don’t want this process to occur, share details of the company before. If not relevant because you have not worked in 2 or more companies earlier, you have the option to mark that
  • Court verification: Your PAN + residence address is used to cross-check the police/ court verification


You will receive a link in your email registered with us. Once click that, you will be redirected to the first section


  • Enter your full name according to your PAN/ official government ID.
  • You can skip adding UAN and Employee ID. These are not mandatory


  • Enter your basic contact information here. Pick between current/ permanent address, depending on where you have a representative who can complete the process on your behalf, and they have an Aadhaar card with that address as their current address


  • PAN card (Just upload the image, and the PAN number gets autogenerated)


  • Here, you have to enter information about your previous 2 work experiences, along with supporting documents.
  • Enter basic information such as:
    • Company name and your designation: Enter the company’s official full name, as it would be on any official document, for example, as written on the salary payslip; and enter the exact designation as on your signed offer letter.
    • Employee ID: You can enter N/A if the company did not offer you one. If you are an existing employee at Obvious, you can find this on your salary payslip on the Razorpay dashboard.
    • Employment duration and reason for leaving (Typically, the reason is listed as “resignation”)
  • Upload one supporting document: this can be either your relieving letter, salary payslips for the last 3 months or your experience certificate.
  • Enter the contact details of the HR team (who can be the HR point of contact) AND the contact details of your immediate manager at the organisation.
  • If you don’t have these details for whatever reasons (the company previous to the current one wound up/ you don’t have contact details, don’t list that earlier company)


  • Upload information about your educational qualifications/degrees. For each of them, you will have to upload your degree certificate AND your official mark sheets. If you don’t have any, upload the same document that you do have twice. For example: if you have mark sheets but not certificate of completion, in both spaces, upload the mark sheets.


  • You will be asked if the address is that of your own or rented accommodation and if it is current or permanent.
  • Once you share these details and upload, a link will be sent to the number * you have listed there, asking them to
    • Allow their phone camera to give GPS and camera access
    • Once you do, you get a link using which you take and upload a selfie
    • Upload a picture of the address of the house (building no./ name as shown outside the house)
    • Upload a front picture of the house
    • Upload the front and back of your Aadhaar card
    • *Make sure, therefore, that the number you share is yours if you are currently at that address. If it is a family member/ representative, share their phone number, so these details go to them. Alert them to the process above, so they are not worried to get a request for GPS/ camera or asking for uploading a selfie etc.


  • I am a fresher / don’t have previous work experience. What do I fill in the employment section?
  • There is an option to click "No previous work experience”.

  • What supporting documents should I provide if my previous work experience(s) is a family business/internship, where I do not have either of the 3 requested documents, i.e relieving letter, salary payslips for the last 3 months or your experience certificate
  • Upload what documents you do have. If the system does not accept, re-upload the documents you do have in more places than one. The people doing the verification will realise you have limited documentation and use what they do have to do the background verification.

  • How do I get my employee ID?
  • Your HR/ finance person in the previous org will be able to give this.

  • I am serving notice and don’t have a relieving letter yet.
  • You can upload the latest three payslips. If you don’t have these, you can talk to the People team at Obvious to get an idea of the next steps. We will guide you.

  • I am serving notice and don’t want my company to know where I am going.
  • The SpringVerify people will not reveal the name of the organisation doing the background check, please be rest assured.

  • I don’t have my marks card and course completion certificate. What should I do?
  • Upload the document you do have twice. It is okay- the verifying team goes to the university to verify and can get the confirmation.

  • Current address or permanent address?
  • For ease of the process, give whichever address is on your Aadhaar card/ is on the Aadhaar card of a family member who is present at that address.

  • What address and document proof should I upload, if I am staying at a place which is not under my name (with a family/friend)?
  • Refer above. Your current address is not critical. Having an address reflected in one of your key government IDs is.

  • What if the address on my government ID has nobody living there?
  • Is it close enough for you to go there and follow the process listed above? If yes, no problem. If not, can a representative of yours do this for you? If not, please write to the Obvious people team and share your specific concern. We will figure this out with you.

    Note: We understand that this process can be overwhelming and cumbersome. But this is only being done since we work with clients that adhere to strict policies. As Obvious, we do not have access to any of this information and ensure there are no internal biases in any form or manner. Please reach out to our People team if you have any questions or concerns.

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