Fair compensation is critical to making Obvious a desirable place to work and helping our employees lead happy, healthy lives inside and outside of the office.

When used as a motivational tool, though, it can incentivize the wrong kind of optimizations. Our goal with salary is that it checks the box of "enough" for folks who are excited about working at Obvious (because of our mission, people and work) and then fades into the background.

  • Fair and Equitable: A basic tenet of our framework is that everyone doing the same work gets paid the same
  • Simple and Accessible: Our formula needs to be simple enough for everyone to understand
  • Adaptable: Our framework needs to be able to adapt and evolve
  • Competitive: Our compensation package remains competitive

Obvious evaluates compensation annually. Our ability to offer raises is dependent on our current financial situation.


Obvious does not currently give bonuses for any reason.

Finance and Expense Policy