Day 1: Opportunities

The Product Relay is the time for lofty thinking and creative exploration. It is our tool for innovation, big thinking, and concept development.

Relays begin after the Product Sprint, which created the high-level solution. We use three to four Relays to map out the product, delving deeper and deeper into more detail with each iteration.

Each new Relay starts by identifying a critical business problem and ends with putting a real-world prototype in front of actual customers, allowing us to validate the solution

By including Relays in the design process, we ensure multiple touch points with users to adequately address their pain points with your product or service, ensuring an excellent experience for your customers.

Synthesis presentation

We start the Relay by going over the research gathered from the previous user study in the form of a Synthesis Map and Synthesis Summary. We then discuss what worked, what did not, and why we think that happened.


Based on this new knowledge, we reevaluate which problems are now most important to solve. We analyse the problem board and modify it by adding newly discovered issues and readjusting or removing current items. We also add or change the measurement criterion for gauging solutions to these problems.


Based on the new problem set, the team votes to select two to three problems to address in this Relay.


We loosely know what we must prototype, so now we need to determine what the prototype should feel like. This exercise searches for solutions that address the selected opportunities for this Relay, which may include screenshots, paper sketches or links.