Day 3: Narrative

To build a realistic prototype, you need a very solid detailed solution sketch on paper. On day 3 we select our best ideas and stitch them into one single narrative.


Heat maps

We start day 3 by putting up everyone’s solution sketches on the wall. After a few minutes of going around and observing each sketch, everyone puts a dot sticker next to their favourite ideas. Each individual gets to cast 5-7 votes overall. This should give you a heat map of the team’s favourite ideas.

Group critique

Next, everyone takes a minute to explain their votes, and a minute seconds to raise objections if any. After a round robin of critiques, the artist of the voted idea takes a minute to talk about anything that was misunderstood or needs further explanation.


Next, the team members cast one or two votes (depending on the number of ideas) to pick their absolute favourites. These are the ideas that might make it to the final prototype after some refinement.

Cluster and resolve

If the final votes were cast on ideas that are very similar, we cluster them together. If the votes were casted on ideas that conflict with each other, the decider chooses the most promising solution.


It’s now time to take the winning ideas and stitch them into a storyboard. Find a whiteboard, and divide it into 16-20 frames. Start with an opening scene and draw out how the user discovers your product in the first frame. Continue drawing in the next steps one frame at a time till you reach the final step of the selected part of your user journey.