Day 2: Ideas


The first step is for everyone to brainstorm for 20 minutes on the selected items privately. Team members jot down rough ideas and circle the most promising ones.

Crazy 8s

Crazy 8s is an exercise for ideating rapidly without worrying too much about the quality of the ideas. Everyone folds a sheet of paper into 8 frames and comes up with 8 solutions in 8 minutes for one of the promising ideas. We repeat this exercise for all the chosen ideas, limiting it to a maximum of 4 rounds.


For the next hour, team members focus on their best ideas and create a complete solution for all the identified problems.

Heat map

We put everyone’s solution sketch on the wall and spend a few minutes looking at each one. Team members vote by putting five to seven stickers next to their preferred ideas, creating a heat map of the team’s favourites.

Speed critique

Next, everyone explains their votes and raises any objections. After a round robin of discussion, the designers of the top-voted ideas provide additional information and address any misunderstandings.


Team members cast one or two votes for the ideas that they want to include in the prototype.

Cluster and Resolve

If the final votes are for similar ideas, we cluster them together. If the top solutions are conflicting ones, the decider chooses the one they feel strongly about.

Day 3: Map