Step 1: Alignment

Our Product Sprint and Relays help us create a user-validated and detailed product prototype. During the Marathon phase, we take these mockups and turn them into a real product.

The first step in the Product Marathon is to create alignment between the prototype created in the Product Relay and your team.

Experience Mapping

We create user journey maps to help your team understand what a user goes through when interacting with your product or service. Our service blueprints diagram how customers interact with each business unit in your organisation. These two items together create the experience map that we use throughout the Product Marathon to maintain clarity and alignment.

Organisation Alignment

We present the experience map to your organisation so that they understand the entire solution and what they need to deliver to make the product a success. Each area of the business discusses and aligns on their roles, which clarifies people’s responsibilities and invites discussion early on. These interactions often lead to tweaking the experience map based on team discussions.

We ensure team alignment and acceptance of the prototype before continuing any further design work. Once everyone is on board, work begins. For example, back-end engineering begins architectural work while marketing prepares the campaign for a new feature release.