Day 2: Ideas

Building a detailed solution requires a ton of ideas to work with. On day 2 we use divergent thinking to create tens (think 60-80) ideas that go on to define our solution.


Lightning demos

Day 2 starts with a presentation of the home work from Day 1. Everyone gets 5 minutes to present their favourite solutions, while others capture what they like about those solutions on post-its. By the end of lightning demos, you should have a wall full of inspiring ideas to help you through the next steps.

Gather notes

For the next 20 minutes, everyone goes around the room individually, making notes of everything that might help them come up with ideas to solve the selected problems.


Next, everyone takes 20 minutes to privately jot down some rough ideas and then circle the most promising ones.

Crazy 8s

Crazy 8s is a great exercise for creative muscles. It helps you ideate rapidly without worrying too much about the quality of your ideas. Everyone folds a sheet of paper into 8 frames and tries to come up with 8 solutions for a problem in 8 minutes. It’s a good idea to repeat this exercise for all your selected problems, but limit it to a maximum of 4 rounds so that you can finish in about half an hour.

Solution sketch

After you have a brain dump of all your ideas in front of you, take the next hour to individually pick your best ideas and stitch them together in the form of a complete solution. It’s ok to skip obvious parts of the service and focus only on the juicy bits. You need not put a ton of effort in making your sketch beautiful, but try to ensure it’s legible so that it can make a case for itself without any verbal explanation.

Day 3: Narrative