Hardware and Computing Equipment


When people join us, we send them computing equipment. This should reach you in your first week, if not on your first day.


  1. Spend company money like it is your own money. No, really.
  2. We have unusually generous allowances for computing equipment, but please be judicious while choosing your equipment. If you purchase something from a vendor outside this list, we may not be able to use it if you leave, and you will need to buy it back from Obvious at the rates mentioned later in the document. Read: if you purchase a crazy, RGB-encrusted keyboard, there's a very strong chance that no one else will want to use it, and we will ask you to purchase it back from Obvious.
  3. Setting up a designated work space helps to demarcate work area from other living areas at home. Digitally as well, we recommend a different browser or a different set of screens for work.
  4. While all our hardware is insured, we expect you to treat all of it with care. We have a Device Test Lab planned, where we house older devices to ensure that all the websites and apps that we make work on a range of hardware and software. We recommend a protective case. Costs for all repairs and damage that isn't covered by insurance (if you drop your device, or lose it for instance) can be high, and depending on the circumstances, have to be borne by you.
  5. If there's a device (or devices) which are outside this list that are important for your work, have a conversation with your manager.
  6. For folks outside Bangalore, we ship out height adjustable desks. The folks in Bangalore can get desks and chairs shipped to them. These happen after the first three months of your work at Obvious.

Hardware Recommendations and Allowances

DeviceVendorKey SpecsPrice
27" 4K or equivalent
Recommended: Mechanical
Ikea/Urban Ladder
Your choice

Setting up your workspace

Make sure that you set your workspace up to be appropriate for yourself - there's a detailed guide over here.

Desktop computers and travel

If people have opted for an iMac and are considering a temporary shift to a different location to work out of, they and their manager make a decision on the hardware they need, and how to get that hardware to travel with them. As we move forward, we are discontinuing the issuance of desktop computers. So if you do decide to use a desktop computer, you will be responsible for your computing equipment if you are traveling/moving around.

Laptop Refresh

Laptops can be refreshed if it's outdated and is actively impeding your productivity. If you feel you need a new laptop to be effective at your job, reach out to your manager, and you'll be set up with a new machine in accordance with the table above.

Exit protocol

If an employee is leaving Obvious, they may be given the option to buy the hardware and the furniture from Obvious at the discretion of People Ops and their manager.


Wear and tear: After returning hardware/furniture, if there is significant wear and tear that needs service/ repair, a conversation would follow about bearing the cost of these repairs. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis, keeping in mind elements like tenure of the person, quality of the hardware at the time of receiving it, etc.

After completing this process, their final settlement will commence.

Software Checklist