The Hiring Process

Thank you for considering Obvious as a potential workplace, we're stoked! Hiring procedures make everyone—including us—anxious and nervous and we want to make your experience as smooth as possible.

This process is not something that is set in stone. We keep iterating, and the steps tend to be slightly different for everyone, just like everyone who goes through them!

1. Check our open positions

We publish our open positions on our website. We also announce them on our Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Our compensation is the same for everyone on the same level. We don't ask for your payslips to decide how much we will pay you, and we don't engage in salary negotiations.

2. Send us your trimmed CV

We will not accept your CV if you don't send it in our specific format.

Most CVs contain information that is prone to bias. For e.g.: photo, demographic information, education history. So when you send us your CV, we want you to send a fairly abbreviated document containing the following:

  1. Your work experience in detail:
    • What are the places you have worked at, when, and for how long?
    • What positions did you hold?
    • Describe some projects you worked on. Talk about your specific responsibilities and contributions.
    • Who else was part of those projects? What were their contributions?
    • Tell us about some misses you've had, and what you learned from them.
  2. Any side projects, related to the position:
    • These could be hobby projects, open source contributions, or anything else that you think is interesting and you'd like to share with us.

Please do not include any of the following...

  • Photo, of any type
  • Demographic information (hometown, date of birth, etc.)
  • Educational information (schooling, college, university, etc.)

We'll get back to you in about 7 days, with further instructions.


That's all! We aim to respond to all conversations within 7 days.

Diversity in Hiring