Finance and Expense Policy

Like all small companies, Obvious is attempting to minimise expenses as much as possible in order to extend our financial "runway" for as long as possible. Most of our expenses—over 65% typicallyare people-related: salaries, contractor expenses and benefits.

All team leads have business credit cards; if you need to purchase something, just ask one of them.


  • Online services that save us time and effort are totally worth the money. We subscribe to a bunch of them: GitHub, Slack, Figma, G Suite, and Digital Ocean to name a few.
  • When travel is possible, please use Cleartrip, Makemytrip, or a similar service for good fares. If you have a long flight, it's OK to book an "extra room" seat in coach so that you can get work done. We'd advise being reasonable — no business or first class, super fancy restaurants and cars.

Emotional Wellbeing