Your First Day

First of all, welcome!

It can take time to understand a new culture and environment and we sometimes take things for granted, especially when a group of us have been here for many years. Probably the most important piece of advice for any new person is to ask questions if you’re unclear about anything. We’re new to any type of formal onboarding, and we’ll try to make up for our lack of procedure by fielding any questions. Your first point of contact should be the People Ops team, led by Monica. Jaya, who leads our admin team, is usually the go-to person for anything around finance or whether you can get a 27" monitor.

Since we are a remote-first organisation, chances are that you will be onboarded remotely. This process mimics an in-person onboarding as much as possible. If you are being onboarded at our office, you get to enjoy the wide open, sunlit space that occupies the entire second floor in a building on Bangalore's central thoroughfare, Residency Road.

We mostly onboard people on Mondays. Here are things you can expect from your onboarding.

The week before joining:

You will get emails from People Ops, with details of your new email ID, sign in to Slack and a request to introduce yourself to everyone and say hi.

If you are able to, we would like you to also join our weekly Townhall on the Friday of the week before, at 4pm, and meet all the players remotely.

You will also receive a link from the admin person, to fill out your basic employee information online. They will also talk to you about hardware, and timelines by when you will receive them.

Day 1:

We start the day late. We borrowed this idea from schools in Bangalore, that apparently re-start mid-week, after holidays, to not overwhelm returning students. Similarly, our purpose is to not overwhelm you with information, names and processes on your first day, which you anyway have to go back and check with someone on, in the weeks that follow.

Week 1:

Expect your first conversation to be around 11am with People Ops. You will learn about the organisation structure and where to find information you need as a new person. You will then be connected to your buddy. The buddy is your lifeline to not feeling adrift at Obvious in the early days. Please feel free to ping or call the buddy anytime you feel you need to find something out. In due time, we will invite you to be a buddy to a new person, and you can pay it forward.

Meet your team and take a peek into your day-to-day life