Dress Code

We don’t have any kind of formal dress code in the office, but we do expect everyone to be presentable to clients and to each other. Feel free to dress comfortably and authentically according to your own style, religion, or gender expression. We have team members who dress in jeans and t-shirts they got at a conference, others who wear a dress and pearls, and a few with visible tattoos and dyed hair.

When meeting with clients (either in person or on video calls), we lean toward the more formal end of our casual spectrum. For example, if you usually wear t-shirts, when meeting with clients, wear your nice t-shirt.

Occasionally we’ll be invited to attend a client event with a specific dress code. If you choose to attend, we expect you to follow their lead. If you are uncomfortable with the rules, you are welcome to opt out and it will not reflect on you as an employee.

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