Guidelines at Obvious

May 3, 2021 4:56 AM

Scenario 1: All is well with you. You are working from home.

If you don't have a comfortable work setup at home, reach out to Jaya & Monica, figure out what you need, ask for that support.

You are okay physically but are frazzled looking at the carnage.

Talk about what you are feeling with your buddy

Reach out to your support system

Talk to Kahamind. Reach out to them ( call or whatsapp at 7483183313). It helps to talk to someone who might not understand you like your loved ones do - the distance and lack of baggage helps to open up.

You are doing what you can from home, amplifying needs of people or finding resources.

First, hats off to you and the values that are spurring you on.

Second, you probably heard this from your parents as well... and not to sounding annoying but... please do find time for recovery also. Else, you are in imminent danger of burning out (always happens with folks who are in the frontline). You could talk to someone at Kahamind, if you felt like it would help to just put down the weight for a short while. You will pick it up and march on - but there is no guilt in sitting down and resting the weight on the ground for a bit.

Scenario 2: You are not doing well/ you need to provide care for someone.

Leave: Please take the time off to tend to yourself/ others in your lives. That is more important than leave balance. The virus is not taking any prisoners. Don't take low/ no symptoms to mean "I am fine." Prioritise yourself.

Scheduled work: We have informed clients to expect fluctuations in team presence and timelines. Being in the same boat, they understand.

Time off: If you feel overwhelmed, take the second half off on Friday, no questions asked. You know your baggage and your mind in a way none of the rest of us do.

Food: It can be very tiring to constantly be thinking of meal planning in the middle of everything else. Do what you need to, to get some time to yourself. If this means that you sign up for a food delivery system (like for a few days or weeks or all of May, please do so, and get reimbursed via the XPayroll system.

Get the jab: Our one hope in the future is to get vaccinated. Everyone is encouraged to sign up for and get the first dose on priority, while staying safe. Obvious is committed to picking the tab on vaccinating you and 10 of your ecosystem. This could include family members, household help, security guards from your building and so on. Given the distributed nature of our office, this is best done if you get the vaccine, send the invoices in for reimbursement. As the situation changes, if there is scope for a group vaccination drive, at least in Bangalore, we will get on board that too.